Survey Results from Customers who ordered Lignans For Life for their Dogs

Survey Results from Customers who ordered Lignans For Life for their Dogs

We recently sent out a survey to our customers to obtain more data regarding the effectiveness of treating Cushings with Lignans. Below are the responses from that survey. 85% of respondents cited positive results within 4 months of use. Some customers reported using HMR lignans and others were using flaxseed lignans. Some customers reported seeing improvements within 2 weeks and others as much as 4 months. But the vast majority, on average, saw results in the 2 month range.

Grant K writes, "My 8 year mini Dachsund was diagnosed with Cushings disease and was suffering badly. My vet recommended a regiment of Lignans and melatonin, thanks to the University of Tennessee research. Within the first month, my dogs symptoms completely disappeared and he was back to his vigorous self. The results were amazing, with no side effects! He has been on Lignans now for 2 years with no set backs As you might imagine, I am thrilled."

Pat D. has 12 year old , 30 lb male Sheltie. Symptoms were extremely heavy and fast breathing. "Blood tests showed tht he was not in condition to handle more tests. Within just a couple of says of treating with flaxseed lignans and melatonin the heavy fast breathing has stopped."

Dianne V. has a 10 year old female 9 lb Maltese. Her dog had elevated enzymes, increased eating and panting. She treated with Lignan and melatonin. One capsule (33mg) of lignan per day and 3mg of melatonin 2x per day. She writes, "Liver enzymes have stayed the same but she is more playful, a little less panting, and I am very thankful."

Stephanie M. has a 13 year old Lab mix. 62 lb female. Dog was diagnosed with Atypical Cushings with elevated ALKP, excessive panting, increased water consumption. Treating with flaxseed lignan and melatonin. "Stephaine writes, "water consumption and panting improved within 1-2 months. "Nala" has been on the melatonin/lignan combo for 2 years. For a year her clinical signs had almost gone away. We have decided not to put her on Lysodren due to the potential side effects. We are keeping her on the melatonin and lignans. For an old dog she is happy and has a good quality of life. "

Kevin R. has a 10 year old golden Retriever. 75 lb male. symptoms were: more frequent urination and low energy. Kevin writes, "We give him 4 capules of flax lignans per day and initially we were giving him melatonin as well. We stopped the melatonin and his energy level is better and he seems to be less thirsty. The results happened within days."

Steve K. has a 13 year old Bichon. 25 lb male. Diagnosed with Cushings. Symptoms were thinning of hair and loss of hind quarter. Treating with flaxseed lignan and melatonin. Steve writes, "improvement was within 2 weeks. Results were not dramatic but noticeable."

Jacqui B. has a 12 year old German Shepherd mix. 86 lb female. Diagnosed with Atypical Cushings. Jacquie writes, "We are treating with flax lignans and melatonin and she is more calm, pants less, and sleep better. We saw results almost immediately."

Cheryl L. has a Mutt-Lab mix. age 12, weight 48 lbs. female. Diagnosed with Atypical cushings. symtpoms of panting, weight gain, water consumption, Treating with melatonin and flaxseed lignans. Cheryl writes, "Her panting is less, her water consumption is back to normal and the Vet is happy with her blood work. The improvements were not immediate but within a few months. She feels so much better taking the lignans and melatonin. It has made a big enough difference that we continue to make sure that she gets this "medicine" twice a day."

Sherri C. has a 9 year old 58 lb female Snauzer. She is treating with flaxseed lignans and melatonin. She writes, "She has shown great improvement in her appearance and thirst and overall attitude and well being. It took a good 4 months to see any signs."

Tracy R had a 15 year old Bichon-Poodle mix. 21 lbs male. symptoms were highly elevated ALKP, increased thirst and urination, increased appetite, lethargy, and pot bellied. "I was treating with flaxseed lignans and melatonin until he passed away 2/24/12. Over a 6 month period, Sully's ALKP level dropped 700 points and his energy level got better. I wish I had known about this treatment in the earlier stages of my dogs disease. I hope this information will help save someone else's pet."

Judy R. has a 12 year old 50 lb female Australian Shepherd. Suspected of Cushings. Symptoms, loss of hair, skin lesions, high enzymes. Judy writes, "Using flaxseed lignans and no other meds, lesions have disappeared and hair has grown back. It took about 4 weeks after the start of dosage to see results."

ML has a Cairn Terrier aged 8 years and 20 lbs female. Symptoms were elevated liver values and enlarged liver. Treating with flaxseed lignans and melatonin. "ML writes, "After one year the liver values dropped from 3000 to 1000. Not sure how long it took because that was the time frame between tests."

Susan D. has a 13 year old Shizh Tsu weighing 16 lbs female. diagnosed with Cushings. treating with flaxseed d lignans and melatonin. Susan writes, "No improvement yet."

Mary Z from Stuart FL says, "I am using the HMR lignans and they work extremely well. The excessive urination and excessive drinking went away. The University of Tennessee tested blood levels before and after and blood cortisol levels went back to normal! I have an 18 lb toy box terrier and I have been using the HMR lignans and melatonin. It took a few weeks to see the results."