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Les suppléments de mélatonine Lignans for Life pour chiens peuvent aider en cas d'hyperactivité, d'agitation, de problèmes de séparation et d'autres situations stressantes. Pour les chiens anxieux ou trop excitables, la mélatonine peut faire des merveilles. Découvrez ci-dessous notre sélection de mélatonine pour chiens.

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Just like their pet parents, dogs occasionally struggle with sleep. And since counting sheep isn’t an option, dogs may need some help getting a good night’s sleep.

Melatonin is a hormone produced by the pineal glands that supports the body’s ability to regulate hormones. When used correctly, it is safe, effective, and causes no adverse effects. 

In dogs, melatonin promotes sleep and relaxation by boosting neurohormone levels, a hormone produced in the pineal gland. It is often used to calm anxious dogs, but it may also help with restlessness, hyperactivity, and epilepsy in dogs.

The calming effect of dog melatonin also makes it a great natural remedy for dogs with Cushing’s. The disease causes the dog’s body to produce excessive amounts of the stress hormone, cortisol. Supplementing your dog’s diet can help reduce excess cortisol levels and alleviate the symptoms of the disease.  Veterinarians often choose a melatonin-based treatment over alternatives that can cause severe side effects.

Lignans for Life’s melatonin for dogs is specially formulated chewable tablets that come in two delicious flavors: beef and peanut butter. They are carefully formulated to:

  • Maintain a healthy sleep-wake pattern 
  • Provide natural hormone support 
  • Enhance comfort, calm, and relaxation
  • Support general wellness and promote skin and coat health *

Melatonin is great for your dog’s health in many ways. And with Lignans for Life,  you know your pets are getting the best supplements possible. Our dog melatonin supplements are expertly formulated to supply healthy levels of the hormone, helping to restore a healthy sleep-wake cycle and bolster general well-being. Our products are tested thoroughly to guarantee their quality, purity, and efficacy.