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Nos suppléments de lignane pour chiens se présentent sous la forme de savoureux comprimés aromatisés au bœuf et au beurre de cacahuète que votre animal adorera ! Donnez à votre bébé à fourrure la meilleure vie possible avec des vitamines et des suppléments qui favorisent une santé et un bien-être optimaux ! Commandez maintenant!

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Plant lignans are extremely beneficial to the health and vitality of pets. Dogs need plenty of this compound for proper immune system function, balanced hormones, and overall wellness—but it is often missing from their regular diet.

Most store-bought pet food doesn’t have enough high-quality, unrefined grains, fruits, and vegetables to give an adequate amount of lignans. The husk of flaxseed and HMR lignans from the bark of Norwegian spruce trees are the best sources of lignans for dogs.

If you’re using commercial dog food, you’ll need to be more proactive in supplementing your dog’s nutrition with lignans daily—especially if your dog has been neutered or spayed. Lignans will assist in reestablishing hormonal balance, which enhances all aspects of health, including metabolism, the musculoskeletal system, and cognitive function.

Studies have also revealed that lignans, combined with melatonin for dogs, can be a natural remedy for canine Cushing’s disease. They can greatly improve the quality of life for your pet by blocking the production of the excess cortisol responsible for some of the symptoms of the disease.

When given at the right dosage, these supplements can improve the health of dogs with Cushing’s by regulating hormones, curbing appetite and thirst, and stimulating fur regrowth and skin repair. In more severe cases, however, supplements alone won’t be enough. Before giving supplements to your dog, discuss the best course of action with your veterinarian first.

Lignans for Life carries the highest quality flaxseed and HMR lignans for dogs. We also have multi-formula supplements that contain HMR-lignans, melatonin, and milk thistle for more complete nutrition and liver support. 

Invest in your dog’s health and well being. Give our lignan products for dogs a try!