Lignans and Cholesterol Reduction

Lignans and Cholesterol Reduction

Not all cholesterol is bad. Some types of cholesterol are essential for good health and performing bodily functions, such as making hormones and building cells. 

Two types of cholesterol are present in the body: low-density lipoprotein (LDL) and high-density lipoprotein (HDL).

HDL is also called good cholesterol because it carries cholesterol back to the liver, where it’s flushed from the body. High HDL cholesterol levels can lower your risk for heart disease and stroke.

However,  when your body has too much LDL or bad cholesterol, you may be at higher risk of heart disease or stroke. LDL can build up in the walls of your blood vessels, eventually making it difficult for blood to flow through your arteries.

To lower your risk of heart disease, stroke, and hypertension, you need to eliminate as much bad cholesterol from your body as possible. Extensive research has been conducted to determine the health benefits of flax products in recent years, and many of these studies discovered a link between lignans and cholesterol reduction. Adding a daily dose of flaxseed lignans to your diet may lower your bad cholesterol levels.

Lignans May Help Reduce Cholesterol by 20%

A study on lignans was performed by the Department of Internal Medicine at The University of California at Davis and found a relationship between lignans and cholesterol reduction. This study had 37 subjects, men and women, and found that high lignan flax was far more effective in decreasing cholesterol and Ox-LDL than regular flax. This bad cholesterol can cause inflammation and heighten the risk of strokes or heart attacks. This study indicates that it is not just the flaxseed that reduces cholesterol and LDL but the lignans contained in it.

Read an overview of the study on the US National Library of Medicine and National Institute of Health website, PubMed, at this link: Read the overview here.

Results of Study

High-lignan FLAX decreased total cholesterol (C) by 12%, LDL-C by 15%, and oxidized (Ox)-LDL by 25%. The difference between the effects of high-lignan vs. regular lignan flax on Ox-LDL was highly significant.

Summary of Study

Oxidized (Ox)-LDL is the worst type of cholesterol and high lignan flax reduces (OX)-LDL more than any other type of cholesterol. High lignan flax reduces (OX)-LDL more than regular flax.

Another study revealed similar information

A recent study performed by Iowa State’s Nutrition and Wellness Research Center Study discovered that 150 milligrams of flaxseed lignans a day could reduce cholesterol levels in men by about 10 percent. This study, performed over a three-month period, shows that flaxseed lignans are a natural alternative to drugs like Lipitor. Since not everyone can take Lipitor and wants to deal with its side effects, flaxseed lignans offer a safe option for naturally lowering cholesterol. Click here to learn more about the health benefits of lignans for men. The study by the researchers at UC Davis discovered the same thing: that flax alone won’t reduce cholesterol; it must be concentrated lignans, which may help both men and women.

Click here to read the full article

Personal Testimonial from Steve, Lignans for Life CEO and Owner

Steve writes, “Many years ago, long before I had even heard of lignans, my cholesterol started to climb. My doctor suggested that I try to reduce it by means of a better diet. Although I was eating healthier, my cholesterol continued to increase. Eventually, my doctor prescribed a statin drug for me and it worked right away. I was fine taking the medication until I read that long term use of statin drugs can be harmful. I had also recently read a study about how lignans could help reduce cholesterol. I started taking lignans and used them in conjunction with statin for three years. A few months ago, I decided to stop taking the statin drug and have my cholesterol tested again. It had been three months since I had taken any statin and my cholesterol was within normal limits! My overall cholesterol dropped from 250 to 203 and I was so excited that I no longer needed the statin; the flaxseed lignans alone have been good enough. For those with cholesterol levels between 0 and 20% above recommended levels, the lignans may be sufficient without any statins. For those whose cholesterol levels are more than 20% too high, you may be able to take a reduced dosage of statin drugs if you take lignans at the same time. Please consult your physician and monitor your cholesterol levels before reducing your statin drugs.

Update: It has been three years now without taking statins and taking daily lignans, along with a healthy diet, and my cholesterol remains right about 200. – Steve Utter

Our Lignans for Life products provide concentrated lignans from pure flaxseed hulls. The hulls of the flaxseed are where the lignans are concentrated; this allows the consumption of high content of lignans, the most beneficial part of the flaxseed, without consuming pounds of flaxseed. Our flaxseed lignans provide many times more lignan than the regular flaxseed.

Studies concerning lignans and cholesterol reduction show that cholesterol may be lowered by 20% when taking lignans consistently. Some people may need more help controlling cholesterol levels, but for those with marginally high cholesterol levels, flaxseed lignans may be all you need. Those needing more help may be able to reduce their statin drug intake if they use flaxseed lignans simultaneously. Consult your doctor to see if a natural approach can be more beneficial. For our Flaxseed Lignans for People, Click here. If you already give your dog flaxseed lignans, you can take the same lignans for yourself.