Lignans for Horses

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Lignans for Life Concentrated Flaxseed Lignans with Vitex for Horses

Each jar contains a 4lb combination of all natural, organic partially-defatted flaxseed hull powder and vitex. We believe this is the first and only lignan product for horses currently on the market.
  • Organic partially-defatted flaxseed powder
  • Concentrated SDG Lignans
  • Vitex - chaste tree berry extract
  • Natural hormone support *
  • Immune system support *
  • Natural source of fiber *
  • Natural source of omega-3 fatty acids *
  • Flaxseed grown in North America

Lignans Health Benefits

Flaxseed lignans have been proven effective in modulating a range of hormones, including cortisol and estrogen.  In addition to their hormone regulating properties, ground flaxseed are antioxidants. Ground flaxseeds also supply both healthful fiber and omega-3 fatty acids to improve overall well-being.

Vitex Health Benefits

Our combination product also contains vitex agnus castus (also called monkberry, chasteberry, chaste tree berry, agnuside and many other names, including, simply, vitex). Vitex has been used for centuries to reduce libido (thus its alternative names, monkberry and chaste berry) and other hormone-related conditions.  Today, it is used to treat premenstrual syndrome, postmenopausal conditions, and anti-fertility disorders in women.  It is also used in horses to treat mare-ish behavior and modulate hormone levels, in particular, prolactin. Further reading here, here and here (at page 324).

What's the difference between this product and regular flaxseed?

Regular flaxseed has two main parts—the hull and the embryo. The hull contains the lignans of the flaxseed, while the embryo of the seed (or kernel), contains flaxseed oil. In our product, we have concentrated the lignan content by crushing and grinding the whole flaxseeds and then mechanically removing as much of the oil as is practical. This mechanical process reduces the fat content from about 40-50% flax oil in whole flaxseeds to around 15% flax oil so that each one-ounce scoop provides approximately 1 teaspoon of flax oil. Partially-defatted flax hulls confer three (3) substantial advantages over whole flax hulls.  First, by removing most of the oil, the lignans are much more concentrated. This allows the horse to get the desired lignans without “overdosing” on the flax oil.  Not only is flax oil calorie dense, but it may also increase triglyceride levels. Although it contains virtually no lignans, the remaining oil is valuable as one of the only quality plant sources of the powerful anti-inflammatory Omega-3 fatty acids. Second, the removal of the fat automatically stabilizes the flax, as it is the oil that causes whole flax to go rancid.  This is why we are able to give long expiration dates on our flax products. Third, enterolignan bioavailability is optimized when flax is crushed and/or ground.

Lignans Dosages & Directions for Equines

Give 1 scoop (1 oz) per 500 lb. of body weight, served in a single serving in the morning. Each ounce contains approximately 552 mg of SDG lignans (derived from 27.45 g of flaxseed hulls) and 895 mg of 10X vitex powder. Each jar includes one plastic, one-ounce scoop inside.

Money Back Guarantee

If you have used this product for at least 60 days, are unsatisfied with the results and have timely completed our Quick-Survey Program, then we will refund the amount you paid for up to a 60-day supply of the product.  This money back guarantee does not apply to purchases made through a re-seller but we encourage all purchasers to complete the survey. We will not in any event refund any shipping, handling or similar charges.  We have developed a Quick-Survey Program to assist us and other researchers in developing and improving horse treatments.  The Quick-Survey Program involves the completion of a short questionnaire of 4-5 questions prior to starting our product and then every four weeks.  We estimate that the survey can be completed in less than a minute in most cases (and up to 5 minutes if you have lab results to gather and enter).  Participation is voluntary (except for those claiming the money back guarantee), but we hope to have as much participation as possible to gather the most complete data possible.  Participation is also open to horse owners not using our products, so if you know someone else who is battling similar clinical signs to those of your horse, please let them know and ask them to email us at  The money back guarantee is not dependent on your answers to the survey, just that you complete it and do so within a week before or after its due date (before beginning administration and then every fourth week following it).  We will send you reminders a week before the survey is due and every few days after that until the survey is completed.  The money back guarantee is once per customer or horse, so you cannot take advantage of the guarantee more than once, although you are welcome to continue participation in the Quick Survey Program if you begin administration again or after you stop.


Because the point of feeding the lignans to a horse is to alter the hormone balance of the horse, horses that are pregnant, may become pregnant or are lactating should not be fed lignans.  Also, because our equine flax powder contains 14-15% flax oil (vs about 11% or less in our canine flax products), if you are already treating your horses with flax or any other oil, you may want to reduce that treatment accordingly.  Thus, if you are already supplementing with flax oil, you should reduce that by 1 teaspoon of flax oil per ounce (scoop) of flax hulls powder, and if you are supplementing with ground whole flax hulls (which contain 40-50% flax oil), you should reduce the whole flax dosage by 2.5 teaspoons for each ounce (scoop) of flax hulls powder.
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