20mg Peanut Butter SDG Lignans

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K9 Select Peanut Butter Flavored Chewable Flaxseed (SDG) Lignans for Dogs – 20 mg

90 count bottle. 90 servings. We are proud to be the first to introduce a SDG flavored lignan! Each chewable tablet contains 20 mg of SDG lignans from standardized SDG extract in a manageably-sized, flavored tablet. These chewable SDG lignans come in a peanut butter flavor that dogs love, with similar flavoring to our top-selling peanut butter melatonin. Most dogs will eat these SDG tablets like a treat!
  • Concentrated SDG lignans 20 mg
  • Specially formulated for dogs
  • Promotes a healthy immune system *
  • Natural hormone support *
  • Helps balance estrogen, cortisol and testosterone *
  • Excellent SDG lignan option for dogs that cannot tolerate fiber
  • Peanut butter flavor improves cooperation and acceptance by dogs that are picky eaters
  • Non-GMO, gluten free
  • Bottled in the USA
  • Contains NO FIBER
Lignans can be given for everyday health and to support a healthy skin and coat. Lignans provide antioxidant protection and have a higher ORAC (antioxidant) value than any fruit or vegetable.** Lignans are a natural option to reduce heightened cortisol, estrogen and intermediate hormone levels. Click here for more info on Cushing's in Dogs


Lignans are converted in the body into the biologically-active mammalian lignans (enterolignans) enterodiol and enterolactone. Enterolignans have been shown to be potent antioxidants. They reduce the free radicals that otherwise damage tissues, membrane lipids, nucleic acids, and proteins, and may lead to diseases or premature aging. Enterolignans also stimulate the synthesis of sex hormone binding globulin, effectively binding sex hormones and thereby reducing their circulation in the blood stream and their biological activity. Extensive research documents the cortisol, hormone and intermediate hormone reducing effect of enterolignans.*

Lignans Dosages

Give 1-2 mg of lignan for each pound of body weight. Click the following link for more detailed info on Lignans Dosage for Dogs.*


For Dogs: Tablets can be taken all at once or spread throughout the day. Tablets can be given whole as a treat, or hidden in food. They can also be hidden in peanut butter, a piece of cheese or meat, a pill pocket, etc. Give 1 tablet for every 10-20 lbs of body weight. For dogs 10 lbs or less, give 1/2 to 1 whole tablet For dogs around 20 lbs, give 1-2 tablets For dogs around 40 lbs, give 2-4 tablets For dogs around 80 lbs, give 4-8 tablets Note: Always consult your veterinarian when trying new supplements.
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Customer Reviews

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Janet Ripley
Wonderful product

My Lydia has been on this for several years advised by her vet to control borderline pancreatitis and asymptomatic Cushings. Combined with melatonin, this cocktail has maintained her all these years. She’s 12.

Roger Craighead

20mg Peanut Butter SDG Lignans