Survey Results for Dogs using HMR Lignans and Melatonin for Cushings


Survey Questions For Dogs Responses      
Name Karen S Buffalo Grove IL Jody W Deland FL Name private Name Private, Austin Texas,
Dog Name Speedy Deuce Sasha Luloo
Breed of Dog Shitzu German Shorthaired Pointer Husky Mutt
Age of Dog 7 13 14 12
Weight of Dog 12 152 42 23
Gender Male Male Female Female
Neutered, Spayed or Intact Neutered Neutered Spayed Spayed
Diagnosis (C, AC, Suspect, None) Cushings Suspected Cushings Cushings & Elevated Sex Hormones
Type of tumor (Ad, Pit, None) Pituitary Pituitary Adrenal Unknown
Clinical signs/Symptoms hair Loss Urinating on bed, heavy breathing, pot belly Very restless at times Extreme hunger, pot belly, thirst, limping, pees in house
Treatment (HMR, flax, melatonin) HMR, flaxseed lignans, melatonin HMR, Melatonin HMR, Melatonin HMR
Dosage HMR and Flax: 10 mg per day, melatonin: 3 mg twice a day 40 mg lignan, 6 mg melatonin twice a day HMR: 40 mg once a day Melatonin: 6 mg twice a day 40 mg a day
Other meds none Fish Oil Hydralazine for high blood pressure none
Have signs/bloodwork/clinical symptoms improved yes, clinical signs have improved Clinical signs and symptoms have improved, haven't done bloodwork since treatment some improvement symptoms have improved a bit
If so, what has improved hair regrowth, coat looks great No urination of bedding less restless not as ravenous, pees less in house
How long until noticing improvement 4-5 months 3 months several months months later
If using melatonin, change in lethargy no change no change more lethargy n/a
Post response (Y/N) Y Y (w/o full name or location) Y N
Additional Comments Tail did not regrow but body did **(I guess the tail didn't regain hair but the rest did) Diagnosed at 12, using for 11 months, seen great improvements, wanted to make him comfortable, he is a happy, lazy, old man :)