Lignans Side Effects

Lignans are found in flaxseed, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, whole grains and nuts. There are not any known side effects from lignan usage. However, very high flaxseed consumption of 35 grams (note our product with the highest lignan dosage is 35 milligrams, not grams) or more per day can cause diarrhea. Since our lignan capsules contain around 30mg (1/1000th of the amount that could cause diarrhea) of lignans each, this would be the equivalent of eating more than one whole bottle of flaxseed lignans per day.

There are not sufficient studies on the effects of lignans on pregnant or lactating women; therefore it is advisable for women who are pregnant, breast feeding, or who are trying to get pregnant to avoid them or consult their doctor before taking them.

Some people may have sesame seed allergies. If you are allergic to sesame seeds, it is possible that you will also have an allergy to sesame seed lignans. If you have a flaxseed allergy, it is also possible you will have an allergy to flaxseed lignans.

In less than 5% of cases, a human or dog may have an allergy to flaxseed, HMR lignans, or sesamin. Always consult your vet or doctor before trying or giving your dog any new supplements.

Note: Our flaxseed lignans are Gluten Free.