Lignans for Life Testimonials

You may not be aware of it, but you and your furry pets won’t always get all the nutrients you need from your diet. While several factors can affect your dietary choices and that of your pet, it is important that you both get enough of the vitamins and minerals you need daily.

Our supplements–containing potent sources of the minerals and vitamins you need–can fill in the gaps of a less-than-ideal diet. Lignans for Life is your one-stop source for all the powerful supplements you need for you and your dogs. From flaxseed lignans to melatonin, we have all you need to keep you and your dog healthy.

We are the trusted supplier of different supplements you and your dog need to keep the body functioning at its best. Check out our supplements and see if they are a good fit for you. Better yet, check out testimonials, reviews, and comments below to know what people say about our products.


Karen S.

Thank you for making these products! My dog would be on harsh drugs without them.

Pat R.

Thank you. Both of your products —- Flaxseed Lignans & Melatonin —- made life doable for our dog who was diagnosed a year ago with cushions & cancer.


OMG, omg, omg, omg!!!!! Your products are freaking amazing. I have been battling hirsutism for years and have tried everything imaginable to get rid of it ( I hate those little whiskers). Initially I purchased a bottle of Sesamin and I noticed that the hairs on my chin were not growing as quickly. So I decided to also buy the SDG flaxseed and boy oh boy did the flaxseed work. I have been taking the Sesamin for about a week and the SDG flax for just a few days and I can definitely tell the difference. Based on how well these products worked on my hirsutism I hope and pray that they work their magic and repair my infertility. I can’t thank you enough for your amazing products. I will definitely buy more of your products. You guys rock!!!! : )

Steve F.

Your products have made measurable difference in the quality of life for our dog with Cushings disease. Thank you sincerely.

Lauren C.

This company delivers consistent, and excellent customer service, products and delivery. I can’t praise them enough and highly recommend them. GREAT company. Shipping is fast and communication about order status is always sent. When you order from a company the first time you are not sure how the experience will be but they blew me away and still do after repeated orders. I am so happy to have found them.


Maurice from Newbury MA

My Pomerainian “Taz” had all of the symptoms of Cushing’s for about two years, but when we put him on the Lignans and Melatonin, most of his problems went away or weren’t as bothersome. When I first started on the supplements, it took about two weeks for them to work and after that he was more like his normal self. I would highly recommend your products to anyone who has a dog with Cushings

Alan F from Houston

My King Charles Spaniel was diagnosed with Atypical cushings at the Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists in Houston. Dr Hsieh recommended HMR lignans and Melatonin. It took about 4 months, but there was a significant improvement in her energy level. I was skeptical when she recommended the lignans but was very impressed with the results. I have been giving my 21 lb dog 1 capsule of the HMR lignan per day and 2 tablets of the melatonin per day.

Alicia from Methuen, MA

I have a 13 year old female Weimaraner that was diagnosed with Atypical Cushing’s disease in September 2013. She had all the symptoms. My vet said I should come in to discuss my options but that if she was in my position, she would put my dog to sleep. I would not accept that option and started looking for natural products to help improve her condition. I found the Lignans For Life and K9 Choice line of products on your web site and put in my first order. I have her on the Lignans (Flax seed), Milk thistle, Egg Membrane Joint Support, and Melatonin. Within two weeks her symptoms started to improve. She was a new dog. Before the lignans she was refusing her food and wouldn’t get up for anything. After lignans, she started greeting people at the door again. My younger brother who lives on the west coast saw her in August and he thought that would be the last time he saw her. When he came home for Christmas, he could not believe his eyes. She was a brand new dog. She pants less, she sleeps sounder, and her energy level are as if she is 5 years younger. These products saved my dog’s life, I stand behind them 100% and will continue to order month after month! Thank you Steve and Lignans for Life…you have given me back something truly priceless: more time with my dog.

Carol B. from Palm Desert, CA

Dear Steve, I wanted you to know that I have been using Lignans I purchased from you, along with melatonin, for my dog who was diagnosed with Cushing’s disease. In 2-3 months, his hair has improved dramatically. It was quite thin and wiry on his body and is now mostly thick and soft. His appetite seems better controlled, too. He’s 14 years old, so his energy level is not high, but I think that’s to be expected. I am so glad I decided not to go the traditional route of meds from the vet’s office. I know that such meds are so hard on a dog and I would not put mine through that kind of treatment. Thank you, and I’ll be ordering again soon.

Sue N. from Hyde Park

There is definitely an improvement, my dog is more energetic and is running around more.

Robin B from Carnegie PA

My dog is doing well and has not had to have any additional meds.

Cheryl C

My dog used to have a urinary infection and was drinking excessive amounts of water but now no longer has the infection.

Ms Berkes

Your product has saved my mom’s dog from going down hill from Cushings and now both my mom and I both take the product.

Amy Z from PA

Has seen positive improvement. Her hair is growing back. We will be having a blood test to determine if those signs have improved too.

Shirley S. from Riverview FL

My 44 lb Lab and Border Collie mix was diagnosed with Canine Cushing’s. Her hair was coming out in clumps and she was panting and drinking excessively. She was moving slow and gaining weight. Within two weeks of taking the lignans, her hair stopped falling out and her energy came back. I also didn’t notice the excessive drinking and panting anymore. She was able to exercise more and lose weight. I ran out of the lignans about 2 weeks ago. She was still on the melatonin but without lignans, the symptoms came back. I was giving her 3 mg per day of melatonin and 2 capsules of Lignans for Life. I am now reordering her the lignans.

Judy F

After just one bottle of Lignans, my dog had improvements in the Cushings symptoms. My dog has better skin and fur, isn’t panting as much, and isn’t as lethargic. My vet has recommended continuing the flax seed lignans.

Sandra D

Seems like my dog is coping better!

Hollis Y. from New York

The flaxseed lignans are miraculous, …they work great!

Carroll C

Carroll C took her dog Lucy in to see Ed Fallun, DVM in June, 2010. He recommended Lignans. Lucy’s blood work in October showed improvement in Cushing’s indicators and Dr. Fallun recommended continuing to take the Flaxseed Lignans.

Michael D from California

My dog was found with Cushing’s in June 2010, we have a great Vet who recommended lignans. We found improvement in his energy and his weight after taking your Lignans For Life Lignans. They’re working so well for him I am going to take them too.

Franklin Animal Clinic in Franklin, PA

Carries both our melatonin and our flaxseed lignans.
1623 Pittsburgh Road Franklin, PA 16323-2013
(814) 437-5768

Stephen Arbitter DVM at Rabun Animal Hospital

I recommend melatonin and lignans first, before trying medication. There are not many sources of good lignans; I recommend your site.

Tanglewood Animal Hospital in Houston TX

Carries our HMR lignans.

Yorkville Animal Hospital

Carries our flaxseed lignans.

Animal Wellness Hospital of Highlands, NC

Now carrying our Flaxseed Lignans and melatonin.

Cathy from Healthway Health Food Store in Vero Beach FL

Says they were getting numerous requests for flaxseed lignans. They now carry our flaxseed lignans on
1537 US hwy 1, 772-569-5633.

Michelle from Briar Grove Pharmacy

Now carries our flaxseed lignans
6435 San Felipe, Houston TX, 77057

Stephen Arbitter DVM at Rabun Animal Hospital in Mountain City GA.

I recommend melatonin and lignans before medication. There are not many sources of good lignans; I will recommend your web site.

David Mcgee DVM of Milford Animal Hospital in Milford CT

Says that 1 mg of flaxseed lignans are recommended per one lb of dog weight but exceeding that amount is safe- as long as you dont exceed the recommended dosage by more than 10x.

Nancy Modglin DVM of Holistic Options Vet Care

Has been prescribing our flaxseed lignans and now carries our product in Redlands, CA