Lignans May Benefit Women's Health in a variety of ways.

Hormone Balancing

Lignans have the unique property of being able to balance hormones, especially estrogen. The lignans exert a weak estrogenic effect, if your estrogen levels are low you will get a boost of estrogen from the lignans. If your estrogen levels are high, the plant lignans will compete with your endogenous estrogen for estrogen receptors. Some of the weaker plant estrogen attach to your estrogen receptors and displaces your normally occurring estrogen leaving it nowhere to go. Your stronger estrogen gets flushed from your system leaving you with a combination of your endogenous estrogen and plant estrogen. The result is less estrogen effect in your body.

This balancing effect of estrogen can benefit many organs and systems in the female body.

Lignans mimic estrogen and are a natural way to get natural hormone replacement therapy without the some of the risks associated with conventional therapy. Click here to read more.

Menopause Relief

balanced estrogen levels help reduce the frequency and intensity of hot flashes. Click here to read more about menopause relief.

Better Breast Health, Ovarian Health, and Uterine Health

Several studies show that there is a reduced risk of getting cancer in these reproductive organs due to the reduction of estrogen levels. Read more here.

Colon Health

Flaxseed lignans are high in fiber and taking them will help to have more regular bowel movements. Studies show that women who take flax lignans regularly have a reduced risk of colon cancer. Read more here.

Cholesterol Reducing

A new study from the University of California at Davis discovered that both men and women can reduce their cholesterol levels by 20% by taking flaxseed lignans. Click here to read more and read the study.


Flaxseed lignans are one the most powerful antioxidants on the planet. Click here to see theORAC chart.

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