Sesamin (also known as Sesame Lignans)

Sesamin, a phytoestrogen, or plant estrogen, is a lignan that can be found in the hulls of sesame seeds. Sesame seeds are the source of sesame seed oil and sesame lignan. Another lignan that can be obtained from sesame seeds is sesamolin. Sesamin, has been used for centuries, but recently has become very popular due to the many benefits that can be derived from this natural supplement. Our Sesame seed extract has many times more sesamin than plain sesame seeds. So you can get the fat burning properties without all the calories and oil found in sesame seeds.

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Product Description

Our newest batch of sesamin has been extracted from pure white sesame seeds, and has twice the Sesamin content as our previous black sesamin. The seeds have been dried and condensed so that the end result is that the sesamin (sesame lignan) is many times more concentrated than regular sesame seeds. Each capsule is 540 mg of sesame seed extract and contains 81 mg of sesamin. Suggested use is one capsule 3 times per day.

Sesamin Benefits

According to a study performed in Japan in 2012 (1), sesamin was reported to lower cholesterol. Based on the research found in this study, it is also may have some anti cancer properties. The study also reported that sesamin can stimulate weight loss.

Sesamin supplements are among the best natural fat burning supplements. The same Japanese study discovered that sesamin could help break down fatty acids as well as reduce the body’s ability to store fat and that another advantage of sesamin is its ability to help preserve lean muscle.

As a result of its fat burning and trimming qualities and its ability to increase metabolism, sesamin has become popular in bodybuilding and has made its mark as a natural alternative in the weight loss supplement category. There are are no stimulants in this natural product and no.

Among the many sesamin benefits, this supplement may be involved in the hindrance of the production of certain tumor cells. Studies at the University of Texas found that sesamin could be helpful in blocking such cells in the colon, lungs, pancreas, and breast tissues. Click this link to see the full article submitted in the Molecular Cancer Research journal and published on the US government Pub Med web site.

Sesamin Supplements

Our sesame supplement has a guaranteed minimum of 500 mg of sesame seed extract. This is a healthier alternative to other weight loss supplements because, unlike most fat burning supplements, our sesamin does not contain any stimulants. It is a natural way to aid in dieting and weight loss. Rather than a substitute for eating healthy, dieting and exercise, sesamin is to be used in conjunction with these in order to obtain maximum health and results. This combination has generally been accepted as a time proven method of weight control and health.

How Sesamin Works

Functional Foods of the East (2), a popular book about healing foods and natural methods for treating illnesses and maintaining health, states that sesamin can help stimulate the peroxisome proliferator-activator receptor alpha (PPARalpha). This nuclear receptor protein group is important for metabolism, as well as for cellular development. This receptor is in the liver, heart, kidneys and muscle tissue. It enables fat oxidation and lipogenisis, or the conversion of sugars into fatty acids.

This book also claims that a higher activity of the PPARalpha can support greater fat oxidation and reduce the body's predisposition to store calories as fat. Another benefit of sesamin is that it can also boost some liver enzyme activity, such enzymes include those that help break down fatty acids and generate ketones that provide energy for the brain.

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Sesamin Side Effects

Sesame seeds are not nuts however they have some amino acids that are similar to nuts so there is a possibility that if you have a nut allergy you might have an allergy to sesame.

Sesamin: A Naturally Occurring Lignan Inhibits CYP3A4 by Antagonizing the Pregnane X Receptor Activation

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