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K9 Choice Joint Support for dogs. Click here for .Joint Support for people (Glucosamine Alternative) Made from eggshell membrane. 90 tablets. These bacon flavored tablets can be ingested whole or broken and crushed and sprinkled over food. There are 90 tablets per bottle and each tablet contains 150 mg of egg membrane.

K9 Choice Joint Support provides the nutritional raw materials necessary to promote joint health, stability and flexibility, plus a healthier skin and coat.* K9 Choice contains Biovaplex tm which is made from whey protein and eggshell membranes. K9 Choice Joint Support promotes improved range of motion, promotes a natural anti-inflammatory response, provides antioxidants to reduce free radicals and provides collagen for a lustrous and healthy coat.* K9 Choice Joint Support features these key elements: Collagen, elastin, Desmosine, Glycosaminoglycans, and transforming growth factor.

How Much do I give my Dog?

For dogs under 25 lbs give one tablet per day. for dogs 25-50 lbs give 2 tablets per day. For dogs over 50 lbs give 3 tablets per day.


"The product is working great and flying off the shelf! My receptionist's German Shepherd couldn't walk and very painful even on Nsaids and gabapentin. We added this supplement and dog is doing great. Now off most of the pain meds." -Greg Reichenberger DVM West Wichita Animal Clinic.

"I want to thank you again Steve for yet another great product from your site. I have a 13 year old male Weimaraner whom has been a very active dog his whole life and ever since last September he has slowed down quite a bit. March 2014 the use of his back legs had become almost to none at all, he was falling every time he went to get up and when he did finally get up he would take a few steps and stop and lay down right where he was. His whole attitude on life had really gone down hill to the point where my vet suggested we do an ultrasound to check for bleeding tumors of the spleen and spleen cancer. He started peeing where he slept and stopped all together making any attempts to get up anymore. I spoke to you after that and asked for your advice and you led me to your K9 Choice Joint Support. I was amazed to see the turn around almost immediately. He started making attempts to get up more, began succeeding and now wouldn't think of even sitting for a moment where he would go to the bathroom. When we took him to that vet visit, we learned that he had nothing wrong with his spleen and every doctor that came to see him that day he got up and greeted at the door. Another product I am completely satisfied with and would 100% recommend this to anyone out there who sees a change in their dogs quality of life." -Alicia Massachesetts

"Hi steve-This E-Mail is in regard to the K9 Choice joint support product that we have been purchasing from you. We have two Siberian huskies, Amber is our female and is 11 years old. She had an accident about two years ago, and tore up her knee real bad. We had to get her surgery which was very expensive. After the surgery the recovery was taking a long time and the vet kept telling us she needed glucosamine in order to complete the healing. We tried the glucosamine with asu and she got deathly sick. Then we tried just glucosamine and she could not tolerate that. We went back to the vet and they prescribed Asian herbs and again she could not take them. My wife and I at this point were very troubled, so after much research I came across your product K9 Choice and let me tell you everything is different. Amber takes the K9 Choice joint support with absolutely no problem and she runs around like a little puppy jumping on and off the bed which could not do before. There is no sign that she ever had surgery. We are now giving our other Siberian, Cheyenne, who was beginning to get a little stiff K9 Choice and he too has responded great running, jumping and bouncing around, it is like a miracle to us. Thank you for this product it is a great natural alternative, full stars from me and my wife."-Mike P.