HMR Lignans 90 capsules 40 mg

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HMR lignans come from Norway Spruce Trees and specifically from the pine knots. HMR is short for HydroxyMataiResinol (HMR) which is a powerful antioxidant and has been indicated for reducing cortisol levels in Cushings disease in dogs and studies indicate that people with high amounts of lignan in their bodies have better reproductive organ health.* There are 90 capsules of our HMR lignans in each bottle and each capsule contains 40 mg of HMR Lignan. These HMR lignans are good for people or pets. You can separate the capsule in half just by pulling it apart. There is a powder inside. You can put a piece of peanut butter or cheese in each half to get two smaller 20 mg capsules. But we also have a 20 mg HMR capsule now available.

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