Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between concentrated lignans and flaxseed hulls?

They are exactly the same. The flaxseed contains two parts: the hull and the embryo. We separate the hull away from the embryo to give you pure flaxseed hulls. The lignans are only found in the hulls and therefore they are more concentrated than you can get in whole flaxseed. Flaxseed hulls also contain other components; they also contain fiber and antioxidants. We do not use chemicals to concentrate the lignans. The lignans are concentrated solely because the hulls have been separated from the embryo. Sorry for any confusion on this issue. Some of the product descriptions say “concentrated lignans” and others say “flaxseed hulls” and they are both the same.

Why are my flaxseed hulls sometimes dark brown and sometimes a golden brown?

This is because of the type of flaxseed used. Sometimes we are able to obtain golden flaxseed and sometimes we are able to obtain brown flaxseed. They both have the same nutrient content. They both have the same shelf life. They are both high quality flaxseeds that were grown in North Dakota.

What is the difference between HMR Lignans and Flaxseed Lignans?

HMR Lignans come from the Norway spruce tree and they are chemically extracted from the knots of the Spruce tree. The flaxseed lignans are an SDG lignan and they are mechanically separated from the flaxseed hull. Flaxseed lignans contain fiber and HMR lignans do not. both HMR lignans and Flaxseed lignans have the same effect in the body; they both get converted to enterodial and enterolactone in the body. and they both are phytoestrogens.

What is the lignan content in flaxseed hulls?

The lignan content in Flaxseed hulls can vary between 3-5%. This depends on growing season and growing conditions. We have offered 630 mg, 690mg capsules and 750 mg capsules. The capsules of flaxseed hulls are 100% pure flaxseed hulls. There are no chemicals used in the separation from the seed embryo and nothing else has been added. Therefore the lignan content in each capsule can be from 3% (18 mg) to 5% (31.5 mg) in the 630 mg capsules and 22.5 mg to 37.5 mg in the 750 mg capsules. We use 30 mg as a general rule of thumb since that is an average of 4% of the 750 mg capsule.

What is the shelf life of the flaxseed hulls (lignans)?

Our flaxseed hulls have a shelf life in excess of 3 years. The actual, shelf life is much longer but we put 3 years on the bottles to be conservative. You do not need to refrigerate our flaxseed hulls. This is different than whole flaxseed. Whole flaxseed can last many years without refrigeration until you grind it. Once you expose the embryo to the air you must refrigerate it and even then the shelf life is only 1 year.

What's the difference between Lignans For Life brand flaxseed hulls and Brevail?

Brevail is a brand name from our competitor and they make a product that is made from flaxseed hulls but the lignan is extracted from the hulls using chemicals as opposed to our product where you get 100% pure flaxseed hulls that have been mechanically separated from the whole flaxseed. We do not use any chemicals in the processing of our flaxseed hulls. Brevail has some added compounds for color and fillers like maltodextrin. The Brevail capsule is 50 mg of standardized lignan and our capsule is 26 mg of lignans. You get 60 capsules in a bottle of Brevail and you get 90 capsules in one of our bottles. The price of our bottle is lower cost when you compare the cost per mg of lignan and the total number of mg that you get in a bottle. When you buy money saving two packs from us you can save even more.